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Ramón Piñeiro. A terra e a saudade

Ramón Piñeiro. A terra e a saudade

    Book + CD + DVD

    In order to spend the day of the Galician letters the writer Ramón Piñeiro the company Sons Galicia following the leg started two years ago with the publication of the book / album / dvd on Marine Maria Word of time that starts and continued with José María Álvarez Blázquez Between Miño and the sea of ​​Vigo publishes a book / album / dvd with a biographical documentary and a CD based on the author of texts Láncara. The book includes texts with photographs of places and important events in the life of the author.

    The DVD contains a documentary lasting approximately 90 minutes. Nel becomes a journey through the author’s life from his birth in Láncara, through the vicissitudes throughout its life, its inroads in the publishing world, and all its cultural activity and research, until his death in 1990.

    In the documentary involved prominent personalities of the cultural and political life of our country, family and friends who shared their lives and their concerns.

    People involved in the documentary: Francisco Fernandez del Riego, Victor F. Freixanes, Miguel Barros, Anibal Pine, Benjamin Casal, Camilo Nogueira, Anxela Lopez (niece of Ramon Pineiro), Xavier Alcala, Paco Martín, Ramón Villares, José Luis Allu Eduardo Gutierrez, Jose Luis Franco Grande Eduardo Gutierrez, Jose Luis Barreiro Rivas etc.

    Characteristics of the publication

    Book size 13.5 x 12.5 cm, landscape.

    With guards without printing on paper Popset 170 gr.

    Hardback cover with chrome 2mms cardboard, lined with coated paper 150g. 4/0 printed matt lamination inks and 1 / c.

    Porta CD e DVD.

    1. O menosprecio da lingua
    2. O espírito da saudade (inst.)
    3. Amar á terra
    4. Cartas (inst.)
    5. Home pobo
    6. Láncara (inst.)
    7. O menosprecio da lingua (inst.)
    8. Amar á terra (inst.)
    9. Home Pobo (inst.)