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Xosé María Álvarez Blázquez. Entre o Miño e o mar de Vigo

Xosé María Álvarez Blázquez. Entre o Miño e o mar de Vigo

    Book + CD + DVD

    The record company puts Sons Galiza market project José María Álvarez BLÁZQUEZ, BETWEEN THE SEA AND MINO DE VIGO, BOOK-edition CD-DVD.
    This multimedia work is number two in the collection The sound of the word.
    The collection began with volume MARIA MARINO, SAY NO TIME commands and was born to publish literary texts to music which include biographical documentary creators.

    The delivery around the life and work of writer Tui consists of the following formats: a CD under the generic title of “color” contains 11 tracks of many others poems from the book of children’s poems ROSEIRA of your Mencia, José María devoted to his daughter Maria Luisa, familiarly known as “color”; a DVD of one hour in which narrates the biography of Alvarez BLÁZQUEZ since its birth in Tui, until his departure in Vigo going through its banishment in Coreses (Zamora) or the time he spent in the Asturian town of Oviedo.
    In the documentary involves different family members Blazquez Alvarez: his wife Maria Luisa Caccamo, their daughters, Elena and Berta, children José Maria, and Alfonso Celso. However, there were his nephews and Dario Alfonso Alvarez Gándara and an array of friends who knew the activist culture as they are among others: Dario Xohán Cabana, Luis Ferreiro, Francisco F. Del Riego, Victor F.Freixanes, Maria del Carmen Krukenberg, Marga Romero, Rafael Sanchez, Lalo Vázquez Gil, etc.

    This publication is designed to show the enormous work he did on behalf of the Portuguese culture is eminent too well known and time to serve as material for teaching.

    The musical poems are by Eloi Caldeiro like the direction of the documentary.

    At present, the group of musicians who made the recording of the issues is to try to bring different parts of the country music concert child during the month of May with the aim to dedicate the day to Galician Literature José María Álvarez Blázquez.

    1. Durme nenniña
    2. A frol
    3. No rego do prado
    4. Polo laranxal
    5. Nena neniña
    6. Arco da vella
    7. O año pitaño
    8. Era una airiño soave
    9. Ai! Nena
    10. Voa Maruxiña
    11. Colorín